Oh My God, I Can’t Believe He Is Wearing Spandex!

Lycra Spandex, a common set of terms to a cyclist but an appalling fashion statement to the non-cyclist. I am a spandex-wearing cyclist and proud of it. During the spring, summer and fall months, I bet I wear spandex more than any other garment most of the time – simply because I bike the most those months.


If you’re on my Facebook, you will see that I get a lot of grit for wearing spandex bike shorts and apparel as well. My friends and even family members make fun of me all the time for it. Some even do it so much that I think that they think that it offends me when it really just lets me know they are self-conscious about their own body and looks or at least that is what they make themselves out to be during their shenanigans process of making fun of me.


Why wear Spandex in the first place?

For those of you who don’t bike, we spandex-clad cyclists are not trying to bring a 80s style back into the fashion world just so you know. Spandex bike shorts and other apparel actually serve many great purposed for a cyclist as well as other athletes. There are several benefits to bike shorts and other form fitting cycling apparel, including…


  • Fitness Playback – I have photos of me when I first started cycling. I was 100 pounds overweight and technically considered obese by health standards against the BMI. I wore spandex then too and the pictures of me back then were pretty bad. In present time, I’ve lost over 100 pounds (thanks to cycling) and I don’t look that bad in spandex comparing to how I looked in them in 2011. So I can see a fitness playback of all the weight I lost by cycling and that makes me feel pretty damn good about myself.
  • Injury Prevention – Do you ever see basketball players with compression bands around their knees and elbows? They use those bands to help prevent muscle and joint injuries among other injuries as well. So in turn, spandex helps us cyclists prevent injuries as well. Our shorts also have pads in them often called chamois. These chamois prevent chafing and painful aftermaths around our “danger zones” after long rides. If we didn’t protect those “areas”, the results would likely look like it comes from the movie, The Swamp Thing. Nasty huh? I’ll take my bike shorts over that any day of the week!
  • Speed – Cyclists like me and others continuously consider weight when riding. The less weight means the faster one can go. A carbon water bottle holder priced at $150 may seem idiotic to the non-cycling consumer but to a rider, it is one more thing to use to take away some weight. Have you ever weighed a pair of bike shorts? I don’t even think the standard scale would move but I guarantee it would with a heavy pair of cargo shorts sat on it. Also compression means that our clothing isn’t going to be flapping in the wind creating drag and slowing us down. We wear bike shorts for the same reasons that swimmers wear Jammers and Speedo Briefs.
  • Confidence – Now this one doesn’t make sense to a lot of you, probably. A lot of newbie riders are not at all confident about wearing skintight clothing in public. The reason I add confidence as a benefit to bike shorts is because when I see another person wearing them, especially on a bike, I see someone who is healthy and keeping their selves fit. When I see that guy wearing cargo shorts riding, I see a weekend warrior. Sure, he is a rider but only on the weekends. I am confident in myself to wear athletic clothing knowing that I am in my own way, an athlete.


Why the blog post, though?

Every cyclist out there who blogs will likely at some point blog about wearing spandex and other biking apparel because it’s a common questions the non-cycling civilians have for us. So why make another blog post about it, right? I mainly want to just share my thoughts on it as a whole to also compare it with the fashion acts of terrorism that we face today…


I don’t give a damn about what fashion you think is in and what fashion you don’t think is in! I just need to get that off my chest from the get go before I type the rest of what I have to say…


Reckless Use of Creativity

Have you seen some of the fashion “experts” and gurus out there who blog each and every day about what you should and should not wear in society? These fashion freaks are almost just as bad as politicians trying to tell you what part of the constitution are okay to keep and what part is not okay to keep. Don’t wear knee socks or you will look like a nerd… Don’t wear denim shorts because it is so out of style… Blah Blah Blah Blah… Why would someone in their right mind who isn’t mentally retarded let another person dictate their own clothing style? Are you a leader or a follower? Fashion terrorism I tell you, fashion terrorism is among us and the attacks are happening by the second.


Now take me… I wear my bike shorts when I ride and I post pictures on my social networking profiles. Many friends of mine joke in a friendly way and that’s fine because it doesn’t bother me and I can add to it and make fun as well. However some of them I feel are truly trying to offend me. It doesn’t though, it only makes me feel sorry for them because they show that they would never wear something like that because they fear what other people will think of them – I’d never stoop to such a low lever in life as that!


I love messing around with people when it comes to fashion. Sometimes I will wear the brightest colors just to screw with those fashion freaks out there that are quick to judge. Many call me gay for it which is something that makes no sense at all but how do I fight back? I jokingly hit on them as in flirt. Call me whatever you want, it’s your word against my reality. Words can be false, reality is real.


So while many of you are desperately searching for what you should wear next, I am wearing whatever I feel comfortable in and not caring about your idolization of the opinions of your peers.


The end! :)


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Nearly 2,000 Miles Biked in 2013 and More!

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog. I run quite a few blogs, message forums and other websites so I am constantly busy with them plus college and work. However, I have counted up all my miles rode in 2013 and I am happy to announce that it is somewhere in the ball park as being shy of 2,000 miles, total. I don’t know the exact number because I didn’t really record everything, hahaha.


I am happy with 2,000 miles but I’d rather have 5,000 or more for a whole year. Now that it is 2014, I had initially planned to start riding more often. However Mother Nature decided to ground me from riding with horrid amounts of ice, snow, rain and other crazy weather elements to start the New Year. I haven’t biked once this year and that includes using my indoor trainer, too.


These cold months really take it out of me and I get lazy. But come Monday, I hope to change that. I plan to start using the trainer every day and I mean every day. I found a really cool high-intensity spinning video on YouTube one day. It’s 20 minutes of extreme indoor spinning and I think doing that each day will benefit me as a cyclist. However, if it’s nice outside – then I will go road biking instead. But I need to shy away from these 20 mile ride and start doing stuff like 60+ miles each road bike trip.


Weight wise: I weighed nearly 300 pounds when I first got into cycling. Now I weight about 215 to 220, it goes back and forth a bit like that. So I lost a lot of fat but I still have a gut but then again, I still eat unhealthy foods like pizza, cheeseburgers and so on. I can’t just quit eating stuff that I like, that would be boring. But I can portion it and not eat it as much while integrating more cycling, running, Yoga and other fitness activities into my daily routines.


2014 is a Fresh Start for cycling! This year, I want to be a part of all the organized bike rides in this area including a few out of state ones… I want to update this blog more for each ride… I want to get to my target desired weight of 175 pounds… I want to start bicycle racing (road bike) this year too… I want to put more miles on my bike than I do on my truck for 2014…


So here is to a great New Year for Cycling!


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great New Year as well! Please comment below telling me your New Year cycling and fitness/health related goals.

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26.04 Miles / Road Bike

26.04 Miles / Road Bike

Hey kids,

Just got done riding my 26.04 mile bike ride today! I noticed it was getting a bit warm out today as I seemed to be drinking more fluids. No one tried to run me over today and no one honked so overall, it was a dandy of a road bike ride.

What to name this ride?

I like to give my routes their own name because I am creative like that. I gave my first “from home” ride the name of Around the River as it goes around the Big Muddy River. So with this one, I name thee… Tour de Small Towns! Perfect! I ride through Hurst, Cambria, Carterville and Hafer so it is a good name for it. :)


Distance: 26.04/mi

Duration: 1:42:28/hrs

Avg. Speed: 15.2/mph

Calories: 1,966/kcal

Max Speed: 18.9/mph

Max Elevation: 451/ft

Overall – Great ride :)

P.s. Yay for me, over 1,000 mile road so far this year!

Until next time, later folks!


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Lot’s of catching up to do!

Lot’s of catching up to do!

Hey all,


So I have slacked on entering my previous miles in this blog for a bit. I have been entering them on Endomondo but not this blog. So here is me catching up!


8-11: 23.55 – around the river ride
8-13: 30.58 – road construction caused me to take a detour on my around the river ride giving me ideas for a new route
8-15: 29.53 – my extended around the river ride (extended into Herrin, Carterville and Cambria)
8-17: 65 – organized road bike ride (Rend Lake Fun Ride) with my buddy Gordon – it was a great time!
8-20: 22.85 – regular around the river ride
8-25: 20.25 – mountain bike ride at tunnel hill
9-3: 25.99 – my new route that I plan to take as there is road construction on my around the river route. got honked at my someone driving in a red van today, scared the hell out of me and I almost wrecked… the jack ass honked at me because I was an inconvenience to him or her – but I could care less, I will continue to ride on the road.


Thanks for reading!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Riding Your First Century Bike Ride!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Riding Your First Century Bike Ride!

After actually completing my first century bike ride after trying it last year, I figured I would write a blog about what you should do and what you should not do when biking your first 100 mile ride. The following information is based on my own personal experiences as a level entry road bicyclist. If you are new to cycling but would like to take it to the next level, then this is for you!


DO’s of Riding Your First Century Ride

  • DO start early – A century ride is 100 miles of biking! It will take you a while to ride 100 miles especially if you are not used to riding that long. You should start out early in the morning (during the day for safety) so that you have time to ride it. It took me 7 hours and 45 minutes to ride my first century ride.
  • DO eat breakfast – You need to make sure you eat a good sized breakfast before you go on your ride. Breakfast will fill you up and give you the needed energy to ride that far. Plan on eating breakfast at least 30 minutes before you start riding. For my first century ride, I ate 3 eggs (scrambled) with cheese, a yogurt cup and a cup-size of cottage cheese.
  • DO eat while your ride – You need to make sure you are eating and drinking while you ride. Get something with carbs and calories such as an energy bar or some cookies. You not something that is easy to eat while you are riding. Eating will help give you energy as you are riding since you will be burning a lot of it. Drink plenty of water and something with electrolytes as well to stay hydrated. You should drink even if you are not thirsty. On my first century ride, I brought raisin cookies, clif-bars and GU energy gels with me as well as water and powerade.
  • DO eat lunch – After you have rode about 50 or so miles, plan to stop somewhere and eat a real lunch. A real lunch will give you the energy you need to finish the ride and it will allow you to rest as well. Even though you may be cycling to lose weight, a century ride will make you lose about 10,000 calories so you need to make sure you are eating as well. I stopped and had a 6” sub sandwich from Subway on my first century ride.


DON’Ts of Riding Your First Century Ride

  • DON’T pack too much – You need to make sure your ride is as light as possible otherwise extra weight may wear you out the more miles you go. Don’t bring 6 bottles of water with you, instead bring two and plan your ride on a route with places to stop and refill. On my first century ride, I brought two water bottles and stopped at Casey’s General Store along my route to refuel.
  • DON’T skip on bike shorts – You might be embarrassed to wear bike shorts when biking but after riding 100 miles without them, you and your private area will significantly regret your decision not to wear them. There will be a lot of movement down there as well as sweat and other fun stuff that could turn the area into a swamp of chafe if you are not careful. On my first century ride, I sported Castelli bike shorts, a bike jersey and bike socks.
  • DON’T forget the weather – When I failed my first attempt at 100 miles, it was due to the 100+ degree temperatures with even hotter humidity and the 30+ MPH wind gusts. I didn’t check the weather and it came back and bit me for it. On my first completed century ride, the weather was nice and the wind was calm.
  • DON’T be in a race – A century ride is not a race event and it’s not something you need to get done in a certain amount of time. If you start riding hard and racing yourself, you will wear down extremely fast and you might not be able to finish the ride. On my first century ride, I took my time and my average ride speed was about 15 miles per hour.


I hope you enjoy my DO’s and DON’Ts of cycling your first 100 mile century ride. Don’t be discouraged to actually ride this amount! A century ride is a big achievement to most cyclists and a milestone that comes with bragging rights. Imagine telling others “I have biked 100 miles in one day!”… It feels great! If you fail, don’t give up, I didn’t and I completed my first century ride on my second try.


Please let me know what you think! Do these tips help you with planning your first century ride? For those of you who have done century rides, what other tips would you give to those attempting their first 100 mile ride?


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23 Miles

23 Miles

Today I got 23 miles in by road bike :) Some good sun on me as well! Nothing really to report. It was a bit windy and no one decided to almost hit me today! A motorcycle biker told me to pop a wheelie, that was about it, lol. Had I been able to do it, I would have, motorcycle guy!

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23.96 miles on Sunday and 18.89 miles today

23.96 miles on Sunday and 18.89 miles today

Sunday August 4, 2013 – 23.96 miles by road bike

Today – 18.89 miles by road bike – started raining fairly hard when I got back into town! I am soaked but that is alright! I timed the ride fairly accurate but still got a bit wet so my forecasting was pretty damn close! Almost got ran over a few times today… I guess the inbreeds of southern Illinois decided to get out and drive today…

The 16th is my birthday (29 years old) – I fear 30!!! I am hoping to get another 100  mile ride in on or around my birthday!

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102.53 Miles – The first completed century ride!

102.53 Miles – The first completed century ride!

In 7 hours and 45 minutes, I have completed 102.54 miles of road biking. See the results here. Please note that I had to save the ride stats at 100.53 miles because my phone was about dead. As you can tell on the map, I had a piece still to ride and I measured in on Google Maps to be 2.1 miles exactly. Below is my ride summary:

Ride Start – 08:00 AM CST

Left my house via-road bike at roughly 8:00 AM CST. Had to wear arm warmers until I got to Du Quoin as the temperature was about 60 with some light wind making it a bit chilly. Rode non-stop to my workplace in Du Quoin to check on one of my employees and see how everything was going. Stayed there for 30 minutes even though I had planned to leave sooner. Rode all the way to Tamaroa non-stop until I reached their Casey’s General Store where I got more powerade and some water. Then I rode all the way to Sesser where I had lunch at Subway (6 ” turkey sub with lettuce, black olives and ranch on multi-grain bread + two waters and a powerade) and ate outside. There was a really cool looking hot-rod car show at the Sesser park which I watched while I ate lunch. After I ate, I was back on the road and rode non-stop all the to Zeigler Park where I had to stop to adjust the cleat on bike bike shoe as it was becoming loose! Then rode to Herrin and then Carterville and into Cambria and the back to Hurst. Total miles 102.54!

Nonsense Reports

One person honked at me and got fairly close as if I was doing something wrong. I was hugging the white line and he failed to give me 3 feet like the law states. He was just in a hurry apparently and was ignorant about Illinois Law. Hopefully the guy gets educated so he doesn’t kill someone. I will soon be getting a GoPro camera to mount on my helmet. Stupid drives and their license plate numbers will be Youtube stars. I am a website marketing and promotion guy too, so you bet your sweet ass I will make the videos very popular!

Ride Pains

I am in pain now (though its starting to go away) in my knees and upper legs. I climbed quite a bit of hills and had a lot of headwind as well. The ride itself wasn’t bad and my bottom didn’t hurt as much as I would have thought.

Final Note

This is my first completed century ride! I am on cloud nine right now! This has been one of my greatest personal accomplishments in terms of health and cycling lifestyle. :)

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